Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Remembering Smells

Yesterday Willow got some puffy Care Bear stickers from Aunt Sarah. They were just like the ones that Sarah and I used to have in our sticker books. As I opened the package for her, the scent of the puffy stickers took me back a decade or two.

It got me thinking of how I remember smells... The smell of summer rain on dry dirt reminds me of my Grandmother and Grandfather's house in New Mexico.

The smell of a cassette tape reminds me of when my sister Sarah and I used to "create our own version of a radio show"... rewinding it and listening to it's imperfections, only to re-record it and do it all over again. (With our own man-made commercials and all.)
The clean smell of TIDE reminds me of a childhood friend, Jaime Larsen's house...
What do you tie to your memory of smells?