Thursday, July 27, 2006



Is Nyquil the most amazing cold/flu medicine over the counter you can get? What the hell do you care? Because this morning I awoke to the feeling of death in my head, chest and nose. Realizing the feeling of impending doom, I walked to the medicine cabinet and found that there was one dose of NYQUIL left just for me. As I lifted my arm to chug the 4 tbsp's down, I had an epiphany... If I can make it thru this day, then NYQUIL really will be the best damn thing in the world. The day isn't over yet and I still feel like HELL on death's doormat.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Today is a very important Birthday for one of the GREATEST American's and a girl with the best fashion sense I know... Little Sarah *!

I was thinking back a couple years to when I turned 28 and remember it being a strange and sort of transitional age. You're not 29, almost 30. Just in between in a sort of "I better enjoy the rest of my 20's, limbo- land." But a good age, none the less.

So, here's to you little Sarah. Happy F-in' Birthday from ME!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer Swimmin'

This morning I took the girls swimming to Steiner.
I forgot how much I love to be in water when it is BLAAAZING hot outside.
Willow got a life jacket-thingy-suit and today was her first try with it, so we were coaxing her (Olivia and I) into the 4ft. part of the kiddie pool without touching her hands. -Man she freaked at first. The fear in her little eyes. Oh, it was sad to see it. I felt like I was a little girl again being frightened of the water. That feeling of certain death. You think you're going to die of one big-gulp of water into your lungs and then... Mommy saves the day. Well. I did! No. really though. You remember that feeling? The pppanic-eee one that you imagine your lungs engulfed with water and no one there to rescue you? Well, maybe I was just super-dramatic. -whatever. How strange though. The way the memories started to spill out from my childhood. My good ol' days of summer at the pools with friends and family.
I remember when I was about 13 0r 14 and I was at someone's pool that lived in our neighborhood in Sandy. It was like a new condo, with a pool. I think it was a lady that I used to babysit for. Anyway. There were a bunch of guys there that were in our ward. Tony Verde, Dana something, Kenny Tisor and I think that the Openshaw's were there.- Hot-cha- cha- Cory Openshaw. (for those of you that don't know these people, don't worry about it... just trying to paint a picture to those of you who know who I am speaking of. Anyway (again)- I didn't know how to dive. All the boys that were swimming at the pool didn't believe me that I didn't, so they all threw me in the pool. At that point in my life, I had never been taught to properly swim. I was pretty much not as frightened of the water as I was pre-pubecent years. But none the less, frightened and unprepared.
I sort of drown a bit that day. They started to take me seriously when I didn't come straight out of the water like Bo-Derrick on the beach. I recall flailing alot. I remember the fear when I was submerged in the water and thinking that I would never see the light of day again. - I know. Such a drama QUEEN. They eventually got the picture when I was flailing, and I think Kenny rescued me. Well, that day I decided to never again feel that unprepared with swimming, so the next month, I went river rafting. - I learned to swim on the Snake River. -sheeit yeah.

That look on Willow's face today reminded me of this experience in my life... Ron is teaching her to swim tonight.
And I hope she never feels that scared in the water again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Loved this photo... needed to add to the lustre of Pierce! -From "The Matador."


Last night, I was FINALLY happy to rent a DVD,

"The Matador." In "The Matador," Pierce Brosnan plays Julian Noble, a weathered assassin on the verge of a nervous-breakdown, while Greg Kinnear plays Danny Wright, an American businessman who has terrible luck with his business endeavors as well as his life: He and his wife (Hope Davis) are hit with one tragedy after another, pulling thru it all with their deep love for one another.
Julian and Danny meet in Mexico City while on completely different kinds of business. Julian strikes up an unusual but, believable — and even moving — friendship with Danny one night at the hotel bar on what he is surprised to find out from his "employer" earlier that day, is his birthday.
Great performances by all, but most of all Brosnan plays the most unbelievably believable, nervous break-down hitman that had me thinking "007 can kick ass even with his hysterically vile, yet sexy gut hanging over his Speedo, strutting thru the lobby of a posh Mexico city hotel in a pair of what looked to me like ankle-length black boots, cigarette flopping out of his lip, and tasty cold,(beer)beverage in hand!"
I give it 2 thumbs up and ****!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Am I the only one that LOVES "Grey's Anatomy?"

Seriously, people. This is I believe one of the best new shows out that there is.

I LOVE "Mc-Dreamy." There is something about Patrick Dempsey that makes me wanna watch "Can't Buy Me Love", over and over again. Maybe it was his lawn-mowing business, or perhaps just his total cuteness that kills me to this day, but I LOVE him in this show. The unattainable hot doctor that Meredith Grey is soooooo in love with.
One word, girls. -Yummy.

And Meredith's character is so loveable. She is so perfectly pathetic that you just wanna befriend her as your closest girlfriend and help her see the light that, "He's NEVER gonna leave his wife, dude."

I dunno. I haven't watched it in a while, and I sat down tonight and watched an episode that I've actually never seen before, and remembered how much I LOVE this show. If ya haven't seen it, do. Sunday nights, peeps. 8:00 on ABC.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

I was on Sarah's blog and this is what I found out!

Apparently my inner Princess Pop-Diva self is none other than the Back-woods, BRITNEY SPEARS~*

Your Inner Pop Princess Is Brintey Spears
"I?m a slave for you. (Take that) I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I?m a slave (It just feels right) for you. (It just feels good)
I won?t deny it; I?m not trying to hide it. (Baby)"

You're not that innocent.

Facsinating, HUH?