Friday, December 22, 2006

Eat your green beans, or I'll call Santa...

So. The other night I made dinner, as usual... But something very funny happened. I called Santa to report that Willow was not eating her green beans. He proceeded to tell me that Willow was still on
the "NICE" list, and that if she were to NOT eat her vegetables, she would indeed be struck from the good list, and onto the "NAUGHTY" list.
Well, this conversation was so believable to the outside ear, that Willow did INDEED eat her green beans.

She also asked for more.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Oh how I love Charlie Brown Christmas The Movie.
I love it so much that I bought the DVD for my girls and we have seen it now several times. It is so much more fun to watch it with them then I remember it being with anyone else.

The things that I love about Christmas are so different than what I used to love about it. For instance, I love that I have little kids that wake up and expect to see presents under the tree from Santa Claus. I love that I get to BE Santa Claus now! That is such a fun feeling!
Now I understand how much fun it must have been for my Mom to do Christmas for all her kids. The wrapping and writing in fancy cursive from: Santa Claus*))) Hiding presents in my closet from Willow especially. She's been asking LOTS of questions about Santa and when he is coming. I just imagine her pulling a "Sarah and Terri Christmas scheme", opening all their presents then, rewrapping them, thinking that certainly nobody would notice!!!

I can't wait for this Christmas!