Friday, December 22, 2006

Eat your green beans, or I'll call Santa...

So. The other night I made dinner, as usual... But something very funny happened. I called Santa to report that Willow was not eating her green beans. He proceeded to tell me that Willow was still on
the "NICE" list, and that if she were to NOT eat her vegetables, she would indeed be struck from the good list, and onto the "NAUGHTY" list.
Well, this conversation was so believable to the outside ear, that Willow did INDEED eat her green beans.

She also asked for more.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Oh how I love Charlie Brown Christmas The Movie.
I love it so much that I bought the DVD for my girls and we have seen it now several times. It is so much more fun to watch it with them then I remember it being with anyone else.

The things that I love about Christmas are so different than what I used to love about it. For instance, I love that I have little kids that wake up and expect to see presents under the tree from Santa Claus. I love that I get to BE Santa Claus now! That is such a fun feeling!
Now I understand how much fun it must have been for my Mom to do Christmas for all her kids. The wrapping and writing in fancy cursive from: Santa Claus*))) Hiding presents in my closet from Willow especially. She's been asking LOTS of questions about Santa and when he is coming. I just imagine her pulling a "Sarah and Terri Christmas scheme", opening all their presents then, rewrapping them, thinking that certainly nobody would notice!!!

I can't wait for this Christmas!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Roger that. Over.

Summer is officially over and I feel as though a little part of my life has died.
Strange, how we are so connected to the seasons. When they change, it is very hard. All of the sudden, I am in long sleeved clothing and wearing socks and shoes, the heater on and bundling my children.

Goodbye flip-flops.
See ya later back-yard.
Goodbye Summer and ok, Fall... I'll letcha in. But please try to let the sun shine on us sometimes.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I hate Salt Lake in the Spring-time, I hate Salt Lake in the fall...


I don't know why the hell I still live here.
I don't like the weather as it changes so abruptly.
I don't like snow and I certainly DON'T like how cold it gets here.
So, why the hell am I still here???

We are saving to move to a rainnier place. Oregon.
At least there is a beach there. No snow. No freeeeezing snow and certainly no colder than hell nights that you have to either a) basically pay over 100.00 to heat your house, b) freeze in the night cause you can't afford to pay the damn heating bill or c) get the hell outta dodge and stop all the complaining.

I'll take c) please.

Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years Ago... 9/11

I was just on my sister Sarah's blog , and realized it happened 5 years ago, today. She asked where we were when this happened.
She reminded me that we cannot forget.
This is a day that goes down in U.S., and I think actually, WORLD history. We simply are NEVER safe enough.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Girlfriend in a coma*

Girlfriend in a coma, I knowI know - its serious
Girlfriend in a coma, I knowI know - its really serious
There were times when I could have murdered her
(but you know, I would hate anything to happen to her)
No, I dont want to see her
Do you really think she'll pull through ?
Do you really think she'll pull through?
Do ...
Girlfriend in a coma, I know I know - its serious
My, my, my, my, my, my baby, goodbye
There were times when I could have strangled her
(but you know, I would hate anything to happen to her)Would you pleaseLet me see her?
Do you really thinkShell pull through ?
Do you really thinkShell pull through ?
Do ...
Let me whisper my last goodbyes, I know - its serious

need I say more?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ahhh... More back surgery.

I get to have yet another back surgery. I go to a new Orthopedist today for my surgical consult.
It all started when I noticed a couple months ago that my right leg was feeling numb. The numbness never went away, and in fact just seemed to get down right worse. Fffuuuucckk.
So... this picture above is some of what is wrong with me back. My L3 and L4 are herniated. Not just L4. So that means that they get to take out 2 discs this time and then fuse my spine with a titanium ROD.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Still irritating...

I can't seem to stop irritating Willow. She said it to me again today. Guess I need to stay in check, man.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


So, yesterday as I was trying to manage all things house-wise and the kids, I sat down briefly to the computer for a little break. Up skulks Willow in her attempt to get my attention and thus wake the baby, 10 mins into her morning nap. Kicking the computer chair. Whining loudly. Making sounds that I had never heard her make before. - Damn near driving me insane,
she says " YOU'RE IRRITATING ME!!!"
"Why, Willow? What have I done to irritate you so badly?"
"What were you trying to tell me?"
It's moments like these that one must reflect on what one says as a parent in times of annoyance.
(deep breath, Mommy.) I remind myself.
"Willow. I know you hear Mommy say things like "I'm so irritated. and Please STOP annoying me!!!" But, those are not nice things to say to someone... Can we try to NOT say these things to each other anymore?"
"I'm sorry that I've told you that you irritate me sometimes, Willow."
"I'm sorry that you irritate me sometimes too, Mommy."

Thursday, July 27, 2006



Is Nyquil the most amazing cold/flu medicine over the counter you can get? What the hell do you care? Because this morning I awoke to the feeling of death in my head, chest and nose. Realizing the feeling of impending doom, I walked to the medicine cabinet and found that there was one dose of NYQUIL left just for me. As I lifted my arm to chug the 4 tbsp's down, I had an epiphany... If I can make it thru this day, then NYQUIL really will be the best damn thing in the world. The day isn't over yet and I still feel like HELL on death's doormat.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Today is a very important Birthday for one of the GREATEST American's and a girl with the best fashion sense I know... Little Sarah *!

I was thinking back a couple years to when I turned 28 and remember it being a strange and sort of transitional age. You're not 29, almost 30. Just in between in a sort of "I better enjoy the rest of my 20's, limbo- land." But a good age, none the less.

So, here's to you little Sarah. Happy F-in' Birthday from ME!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer Swimmin'

This morning I took the girls swimming to Steiner.
I forgot how much I love to be in water when it is BLAAAZING hot outside.
Willow got a life jacket-thingy-suit and today was her first try with it, so we were coaxing her (Olivia and I) into the 4ft. part of the kiddie pool without touching her hands. -Man she freaked at first. The fear in her little eyes. Oh, it was sad to see it. I felt like I was a little girl again being frightened of the water. That feeling of certain death. You think you're going to die of one big-gulp of water into your lungs and then... Mommy saves the day. Well. I did! No. really though. You remember that feeling? The pppanic-eee one that you imagine your lungs engulfed with water and no one there to rescue you? Well, maybe I was just super-dramatic. -whatever. How strange though. The way the memories started to spill out from my childhood. My good ol' days of summer at the pools with friends and family.
I remember when I was about 13 0r 14 and I was at someone's pool that lived in our neighborhood in Sandy. It was like a new condo, with a pool. I think it was a lady that I used to babysit for. Anyway. There were a bunch of guys there that were in our ward. Tony Verde, Dana something, Kenny Tisor and I think that the Openshaw's were there.- Hot-cha- cha- Cory Openshaw. (for those of you that don't know these people, don't worry about it... just trying to paint a picture to those of you who know who I am speaking of. Anyway (again)- I didn't know how to dive. All the boys that were swimming at the pool didn't believe me that I didn't, so they all threw me in the pool. At that point in my life, I had never been taught to properly swim. I was pretty much not as frightened of the water as I was pre-pubecent years. But none the less, frightened and unprepared.
I sort of drown a bit that day. They started to take me seriously when I didn't come straight out of the water like Bo-Derrick on the beach. I recall flailing alot. I remember the fear when I was submerged in the water and thinking that I would never see the light of day again. - I know. Such a drama QUEEN. They eventually got the picture when I was flailing, and I think Kenny rescued me. Well, that day I decided to never again feel that unprepared with swimming, so the next month, I went river rafting. - I learned to swim on the Snake River. -sheeit yeah.

That look on Willow's face today reminded me of this experience in my life... Ron is teaching her to swim tonight.
And I hope she never feels that scared in the water again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Loved this photo... needed to add to the lustre of Pierce! -From "The Matador."


Last night, I was FINALLY happy to rent a DVD,

"The Matador." In "The Matador," Pierce Brosnan plays Julian Noble, a weathered assassin on the verge of a nervous-breakdown, while Greg Kinnear plays Danny Wright, an American businessman who has terrible luck with his business endeavors as well as his life: He and his wife (Hope Davis) are hit with one tragedy after another, pulling thru it all with their deep love for one another.
Julian and Danny meet in Mexico City while on completely different kinds of business. Julian strikes up an unusual but, believable — and even moving — friendship with Danny one night at the hotel bar on what he is surprised to find out from his "employer" earlier that day, is his birthday.
Great performances by all, but most of all Brosnan plays the most unbelievably believable, nervous break-down hitman that had me thinking "007 can kick ass even with his hysterically vile, yet sexy gut hanging over his Speedo, strutting thru the lobby of a posh Mexico city hotel in a pair of what looked to me like ankle-length black boots, cigarette flopping out of his lip, and tasty cold,(beer)beverage in hand!"
I give it 2 thumbs up and ****!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Am I the only one that LOVES "Grey's Anatomy?"

Seriously, people. This is I believe one of the best new shows out that there is.

I LOVE "Mc-Dreamy." There is something about Patrick Dempsey that makes me wanna watch "Can't Buy Me Love", over and over again. Maybe it was his lawn-mowing business, or perhaps just his total cuteness that kills me to this day, but I LOVE him in this show. The unattainable hot doctor that Meredith Grey is soooooo in love with.
One word, girls. -Yummy.

And Meredith's character is so loveable. She is so perfectly pathetic that you just wanna befriend her as your closest girlfriend and help her see the light that, "He's NEVER gonna leave his wife, dude."

I dunno. I haven't watched it in a while, and I sat down tonight and watched an episode that I've actually never seen before, and remembered how much I LOVE this show. If ya haven't seen it, do. Sunday nights, peeps. 8:00 on ABC.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

I was on Sarah's blog and this is what I found out!

Apparently my inner Princess Pop-Diva self is none other than the Back-woods, BRITNEY SPEARS~*

Your Inner Pop Princess Is Brintey Spears
"I?m a slave for you. (Take that) I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I?m a slave (It just feels right) for you. (It just feels good)
I won?t deny it; I?m not trying to hide it. (Baby)"

You're not that innocent.

Facsinating, HUH?

Monday, June 19, 2006


Sometimes I wish my routine was a dancing routine with Fred Astaire, and I am Ginger Rogers!!!

Reality check, Terri. It is not 1936 and you are NOT Ginger "Swing Time."


I find myself asking this question a lot lately.

This is MY routine:

Wake up. Feed the kids. Do the dishes. Clean the house. blah, blah, blah.
Where are the rewards? I guess some would argue that the reward is your children, although sometimes I fail to see that as a reward. ( you must understand that sometimes as a Mother, you DO feel burdened by them, though it's not all the time and you don't love them any less... yes this is a disclosure!) Shouldn't dancing in "Swing Time" with Fred be a part of that routine? C'mon, man. It'd be cool.

I was thinking the other day about the routine that I used to have when I was single and without little ones and a partner to take care of. My routine was simple. I would get up, take a shower, go to work, come home, hang out with Traci my sister that I used to be roommates with, and then maybe go out for drinks with friends, or just hang out by myself.

Oh but how life has changed.
I no longer have the freedom to just go do whatever it is that I want at my heart's desire. There is like this "clearance" sort of phase that I must go through in order to prepare to do anything. You see, the difference between being alone without anyone else to care for, and being responsible for children and a relationship, you have to "plan" things. Now, I've NEVER been one for planning. I have always been the "fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal."
But now, even if I want to go to the store, there is much planning involved. The "just-in-cases." Just in case the baby needs a diaper change in the middle of grocery shopping. -Take the diaper bag. Are there any diapers and wipes in the diaper bag? Then, there's the all puzzeling question. "WHERE THE HELL is THE DIAPER BAG???" Oh. And "where the hell are my keys?" That's one I have been struggling with ever since getting pregnant with Willow. I think Motherhood makes you lose a lot of your faculities.
Never before have I lost things more, than since I've been a Mother. What the hell's that all about? God must have a sense of humor, even if it is seemingly cruel to me. He's probably laughing everytime I forget something and have to turn the car around to go home and get it.
Even if I can't be Ginger Rogers in "Swing Time," I still have my girls and that's more than good enough for me.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


This is an amazing thing. There are still some left though.
I like the idea of burning everything. It just sounds better.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How do you clean when everything is soooo messy???

I am seriously procrastinating.
First, I am sorry that I have been so far out in no mans land that I haven't even wrote updates lately.
I guess it goes to show how very much I've been procrastinating EVERYTHING!!!

Like my house, for instance.

Amazingly, it will not clean itself no matter how much I dream that it will. Everytime I think I can clean a room, I just get so overwhelmed by the disaster that I surrender to the mess and sit helplessly watching t.v. -evil t.v.
Sometimes when I think that I REALLY CAN conquer the messes. I start, then get overwhelmed again, and end up not finishing..................................argh.


Any advice?
Desperate to get organized by this weekend so I can have myself a YARD SALE to get rid of all this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday. Feels like Monday...

I had a fun time at the farm with Ron and the kids this weekend. The only thing that I am bummed about, is that it went by too fast and now it is Tue-Mon-day. The Tuesday that FEELS like a Monday, but, really isn't.
It throws off the whole week, but it makes for a shorter work week.
I guess that's the upside.

Monday: is considered either the first or second day of the week, between Sunday and Tuesday. It gets its name from the Moon, which in turn gets its name from Mani (Old English Mona), the Germanic Moon god. Similarly, the French name (lundi) and the Spanish name (lunes) come from the Latin name for the moon, Luna.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Teething, sick and Miserable*

Poor little baby Sarah. She is sick again. At first, I thought she was just having a pain-in-the-ass time knocking through those 2 front teeth, and as it turns out, she was, and, she also has a yucky sad virus that is making her absolutely miserable w/ fever up to 103.6... Yiy.
Suffice it to say that the last few nights have been utter hell, mostly for the little lamb that cannot express her amount of pain she is experiencing. And for Mommy and the rest of us that are trying to sleep at night. :( :( :(
She will be ok though... RIghT??? That's what I have been telling her. That she will feel better soon and not to worry, that this too shall PASS!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ellen * the musical *

That's right my friends. It's time for ELLEN THE MUSICAL!!!

Kristin Chenoweth starring as Ellen's Fairy GodMother and Jack Black starring as the Narrator of the show.

Today on NBC... if you're in Utah, it's on channel 5 @ 10a.m. mountain time.
Dude. So freaken funny.
Check out the clip from the show!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

deep thoughts...

If you're robbing a bank and you're pants fall down, I think it's okay to laugh and to let the hostages laugh too, because, come on, life is funny.

by Jack Handey

I was looking at pics of Willow from last summer...

And I noticed how much she's grown since last June.
It made me think that I need to put my list I made for today, aside and play with my kids before they grown up more and they don't WANT to play with me anymore!!!

1) Mop floors
2) clean desk off
3) give kidlettes a bath
4) finish my laundry
5) clean kitchen
6) get a stamp and send off Columbia House BILL
7) VACUUM!!!
8) Fold and put away laundry!
9) Call and make Dr. appt for Willow, as I think she has laryngitis (which, I will do this one thing on my list too.)
10) Eat SOMETHING healthy today

So, list. You are on the back-burner for now!
All except give kids a bath. :) of course. -who wants to smell smelly kids all day?

Monday, May 22, 2006

In honor of sacrificing sanity and good roles when they come, which for me has been, well, NEVER.

I say this:
this is my gratitude day.
(And thanks to Luhz who gave me the idea of sharing me gratitude.)

I am grateful.
I must remind myself once in a while or I get really depressed.

Expressing and remembering my gratitude for:

1) My 2 beautiful girls that love me whether or not I have terrible morning breath.
2) Ron, who still thinks that I am pretty damn cool and hot, especially when I have the time to shower for the day!
3) MyMother*
4)My Sisters.
5) Nanny memories and the cool poems that Mom tells of her life.
6) Even though I will not be in the Joseph production with Murray Arts in the Park, I am grateful that they even considered me for Potiphar's wife. It would've been SUCH great fun.
7) Little annoyances that my kids do. "Willow! Please stop putting your leg on my lap and asking me to tickle you!!!" or my favorite- 1a.m., 2a.m.,3a.m, 4a.m.,5a.m.,6.a,m, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I need some sleep, baby Sarah. This is why Mommy is so insane all the time! Teething is sooooo of the DEVIL."
8) Washer and dryer. Life would really suck cleaning up puke and little accidents in the middle of the night w/ out them!
9) The people that listen to all my problems. God bless you all. I would be insane otherwise!!!
10) Willow telling me that I am pretty. Before and after I brush my teeth in the morning!
such a nice little girl to me. :)

So I just got a call from the Director for Joseph...

And I am not going to be able to do the show. :(
He asked me initially to be Potiphar's wife, and Ron and I talked about it for a good while. But, it looks like I won't be able to be in it, as Ron and my schedules are both so conflicting the next month ... ( As he is picking up a big job at the end of this month, which we really need) And someone needs to be home with our chillens. So, I guess it should be me.

I hope that little S gets in it though. She'd be so great in zee ensemble!
Wish little Saroo a "breakaleg!"

Maybe next time.

Until then though.
"WORD" my peeps.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I did it!

Oh my peeps. Be so proud of me. I actually auditioned and it wasn't half as scary as I though it would be. I actually KICKED ASS!!! I sang "Le Jazz Hot!" from Victor Victoria..... they never saw me comin'!
Cross yer fingers fer me... I need to be in this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Chickened out for yesterday's "Joseph" AUDITION'S...


I will buck up and pretend that it is karaoke when I go to Taylorsville High tonight a little before 7-ish, and also pretend that I am there with a bunch of drunk peeps that really don't give a rats hairy ass as to what I sound like.
Sarah said that it was a breeze at her audition yesterday, so she thinks that I shouldn't be a scare-dee cat, and just go and kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only thing different about this vs. karaoke is that when I do karaoke, I make up my own dance moves, and at an audition, they usually like you to learn theirs and not use yours. So, sorry Paula, I can't use "straight up now tell me " choreography. Oh well. I guess it wouldn't really "go" with Joseph music anyway.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Blogg-a-cane Katrina" vs. "Blog taken by Alien Abduction???"

This morning as I sat down to see what kind of shiz-nezz was on me blog, it wasn't there.
Ouch. I was b-u-m-m-e-d.
Did a hurricane get it??? That was one of the two reasonable answers I could come up with. The other one was this.

My attempt to explain lost blog:

It was abucted by aliens.

Perhaps the guy standing next to the dead alien in the glass box gave the dead alien HIS alien-friends my password and let it loose, before he passed? Or perhaps it was taken by a hurricane... although they haven't really made much of a mark here on the Utah plain.
help me understand what part of the Matrix is me blog at???